What is this?

This jam is about being creative with the controls of your game. Most developers are limiting themselves to the most standard and common controls: keyboard, mouse, gamepad. The aim of the jam is to try do experiment away from these standard boundaries.

So take out the duct tape, soldering iron, some spare parts, a development board (like the Arduino), old controller shells you have laying around, and make the ultimate control for your game. If you don’t feel like you’re too good with gluing things together, soldering etc, you can get creative with the things you already have.

All the official info is here: http://altctrlgamejam.com

Be sure to watch the more than inspirational keynote videos: http://altctrlgamejam.com/inspiration-vids/

All you need to know

At ITU Copenhagen we have a lab featuring a laser cutter, 3D printers and other weird machines. We also have a lot of gaming hardware, e.g. Move controllers, lying around that would need a purpose anyway.

The plan is to have a first meeting on Friday 11th and a second one on Thursday 17th. Both gatherings will take place in the Intermedia Lab (glass door in the Atrium of the ITU).

If you register here you just express your interest to be invited once we know how we're actually running this hub. Also, our resources are limited, so we can't guarantee you a spot. But we'll try our best!

This event is powered by BreakIT. BreakIT is ITU's monthly hands-on workshop series about hardware hacking, modifying devices and constructing gadgets. A specific practical project is built every time. The workshops are intended as introduction to electronics, mechanics, interfaces and dangerous things.

Waiting list

Organized by Anne Birgitte Jerichau Clausen, Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath and Martin Pichlmair

martin pichlmair